Friday, May 14, 2010

Gospel of Barnabas and the PA

We've posted a tentative introduction to the Gospel of Barnabas onsite.

Nazaroo has contributed a brief analysis of the editing to the PA done in the process of including it in the final version of Gospel of Barnabas (GB).

What intrigues me is just how much of GB is from the late author/editor (disgruntled monk/Islam apologist), and how much of the GB is borrowed from a previous harmony something like the Diatessaron.

If this original harmony (perhaps even a lost or banned version of GB, c. 500 A.D.) had in it the PA, this would be remarkable evidence for the existance of the standard text, even though it has been heavily edited in the final version of GB.

Does anyone have an opinion of the extent of the Islamic apologist's contribution to this book? (GB).


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