Sunday, February 27, 2011

Surprising Forms of Adultery...

Just recently Craig Bennett posted this in the comments at Credo House:

"...I have just blogged on these parables in Luke.
Headings in Luke 16 & 17 in the 2010 New NIV
There I make the point that the reference Jesus is making about marriage and divorce isn’t a teaching about it; rather is slapping the religious leaders in the face and telling them that they have divorced God and married money.. and therefore have committed adultery against God."
(emphasis mine).  This is an interesting connection that Craig has made to the surrounding context, which may in fact be an additional layer of meaning to Jesus' parable.    If so, and if the reference was meant to be taken this way by the Pharisees themselves, then this realization may be a factor in the behavior of the Pharisee party later when confronted with the accusation of 'adultery' during the Woman Taken in Adultery incident.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my comment...interesting how you have linked it to the story of the adulterous woman. I hadn't noticed that before...however it makes a lot of sense.