Tuesday, February 15, 2011

W.W. Everts (1921) on the PA

In documenting and criticizing the infamous Revised Version (1882) and Westcott & Hort's underlying Greek text of the NT, William Wallace Everts also remarked on the unfortunate and mistaken dispersion against John 7:53-8:11, as follows:
'The passage in the Gospel of John concerning the woman taken in adultery was one of the regular church lessons. Jerome found it in many Latin and Greek codices, and preserved it in his Vulgate [Latin translation]. It is found in 1,650 codices.  Prof. Burkitt says, "It seems difficult to account for such a blunder as its omission, except by some such accident as the loss of a leaf or two from an exemplar." Dr. Scrivener finds strong internal evidence for these verses. The scribes have been vindicated from the charge of interpolating. It is seen to be incredible [also] that the Doxology in the Lord's Prayer, the cry of agony in the garden, and the "Father, forgive them!" on the cross, could have been invented by anyone, least of all by a mechanical copyist.'

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