Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ezra Abbot's Corrections to Scrivener re: PA


In 1885, Ezra Abbot, with help from J. R. Harris, Warfield,  C. R. Gregory published a 50 page list of corrections and expansions to Scrivener's Plain Introduction.  The subsequent 4th edition of Scrivener (edited by Miller) corrected many of the typos and errors, and may have incorporated some of Abbot's suggestions.  Consequently, Abbot's 50 page booklet fell into obscurity.  It is interesting however, in that it documents some details of various MSS and readings, and also the fact that Abbot was working closely with Gregory, and Warfield and Thayer. (Full title is:  Critical Appendix to the Andover Review Vol. III, Notes on Scrivener's "Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament", 3rd ed., Chiefly from memoranda of the late Prof. Ezra Abbot, with additions from Profs. Harris and Warfield and Dr. C. R. Gregory,  Edited by Joseph Henry Thayer, D.D.)

On pg 28, the following informative note appears:
"[MS 594 may be described as follows: Cod. Mon. 594 (dated 1079), Carpl, Eus. tl, κεφ., t., pict., τιτλ., Amm., αρχαι και τελη, syn., men.,
The synaxarion gives the lessons for every day from Easter to Whit Monday, after which only the Saturday and Sunday lessons are given.  At the close of the book there are some scribe's iambics and the tract οτι ου διαφωνοισιν οι ευαγγελισται περι την του Χυ αναστασιν.  The MS has some curious readings in the Pericope de Adultera: e.g. John 8:6 εγραφεν εις την γην μη προσποιομενος; vs. 8 εγραψεν εις την γην ενος εκαστου αιτων τας αμαρτιας; but its text does not seem to be generally different from that of the ordinary cursive copies. (J. R. Harris)]
[μη προσποιομενος   at John 8:6 occurs more frequently than not.  I have a collation of 40 MSS in my hand, only 14 of which omit μη προσποιομενος , and one of the 14 reads μη προσποιουμενος  , while still another adds  at the end of verse 8.   The addition to verse 8 is comparatively rare; of the 40 MSS referred to only two contain it (see on MS 604 below). (C.R. Gregory)]'
and pg 29:
'Page 243, MS 604, line 1, for "296" read "396" (Burgon).  [Add "Recently collated by W.H. Simcox, whose results, particularly as respects St. Luke, are published in the Am. Journ. of Philol. v.4 pp. 454-465.". (J. R. Harris)] [This MS (which is not one of the 40 above referred to; see on MS 594) also adds ενος εκαστου αυτων τας αμαρτιας to John 8:8 (C. R. Gregory)]'



The White Man said...

"In 1885, Ezra Abbot, with help from J. R. Harris, Warfield, [and] C. R. Gregory published a 50 page list"

And he really needed their help; he'd been dead since March 21, 1884.

Nazaroo said...

LOL! Oh Mr. Scrivener: what have they been telling you now?

This was probably published post-humorously from Abbot's marginal notes in one of his Bibles.

When did Gregory die?
Because now I'm really curious as to who was left standing to read the proofs...